Will Trump fire Mueller, or will Mueller resign?

NY Times:

Trump Friend Says He Is Considering Firing Mueller

  • Some allies of President Trump have begun to attack the credibility of Robert S. Mueller III, who is investigating possible ties between Russia and the president’s campaign.
  • Mr. Trump may look to terminate Mr. Mueller, said Christopher Ruddy, the Newsmax Media chief executive. The White House said the two never spoke on the subject and “only the president or his attorneys are authorized to comment.”
There does not appear to be much to investigate about the alleged Russian connection since all the intel leaders and even Comey have said there has been no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians.  There is also an ethical issue that most of the anti-Trump media is trying hard to ignore.  Muellers' long-standing friendship with Comey gives him a conflict of interest in seeking justice.

Then there is the fact that Mueller is hiring a hit squad of Democrat operatives in what looks like an auxiliary coup attempt against Trump.  It does not look like a group that will be fair to the President.


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