UK's failure to stop Islamic terror attacks leads to reprisal attack

Washington Post:
British prime minister says latest attack ‘every bit as sickening’ as those before

Witnesses said the van's driver was heard shouting he wanted to kill Muslims after speeding off the road and swerving into a crowd of people who had just finished nighttime prayers for the holy month of Ramadan. Ten people were injured, and investigators were trying to determine whether a death at the scene was related to the attack.
This is largely the result of the failure of the liberal approach to Islamic terrorism.  Some have lost patience with that approach and have adopted the attempted mass murder tactics of the radical Islamists.

I am not excusing it, but it looks like a repeat of what the British experienced in their war with the Irish Republican Army and the tit for tat approach of those who were the targets of the attacks.

To stop these tit for tat attacks the Brits are going to have to be more focused on going after those responsible for the attacks.  They have been far too tolerant of radical Islamist in their midsts and that has pushed some to a breaking point.


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