Those opposing the evils of liberal fascism have not been in the shadows

Washington Post:
Shadow network aided Trump’s rise to power

Long before Donald Trump promised to build a wall, ban Muslims and abandon the Paris climate accord, David Horowitz used his tax-exempt Freedom Center to rail against illegal immigrants, the spread of Islam and global warming.
It is absurd to suggest that David Horowitz has been in the shadows.  He has written numerous books and is often a speaker at conferences as well as available for TV interviews.  He has grown from being a red diaper baby of communist parents to being mug by reality and seeing first had the evil of groups like the Black Panthers.

He has spoken out openly about the naivete of liberals and their position on communism and radical Islam.

Opposing illegal immigration and radical Islam are mainstream ideas outside of the liberal bubble the media lives in.  He also sees the left's use of perceived global warming for what it is, an opportunity for them to oppose control freak government on the lives of Americans.


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