There are good reasons to withdraw from Paris global warming agreement

NY Times:

Can Climate Pact Survive if History’s Top Polluter Leaves?

  • President Trump is set to announce his decision on whether to walk away from the Paris climate deal at 3 p.m. Eastern Thursday.
  • A move by the United States, the biggest carbon polluter in history, to exit the accord could prompt other countries to withdraw from the pact or rethink their emissions pledges.
This story is misleading if it implies that the US is the "world's biggest carbon polluter."  China took over that title several years ago, yet its requirements under the Paris deal are not as stiff as those that bind the US.

US pollution has actually shrunk to 1992 levels which is what the original Kyoto agreement called for.  That is mainly because of the benefits of fracking for natural gas, which the anti-energy left opposed.  India is growing its CO2 production while the US is shrinking its own production.

There are other problems with the deal.  It calls for the spending of trillions of dollars on non-productive enterprises for a potential reduction in the earth's temperature of around a half a degree 50 or more years from now.  That seems like a waste of a lot of money that could be better invested in job creation.

The non-treaty looks like a fool's errand.


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