The wars of Muslim aggression continue

Tom MacLaughlin:
"Why did they build their villages way up there on those steep slopes instead of down here?" I asked our guide, Dora. We were touring Greece with my wife's family and driving the coastal road on the north side of the Gulf of Corinth toward Delphi, site of the famous Oracle.

"To protect themselves from pirate raids," said Dora.

"What pirates?"

"Muslims," she said. "Moors, Saracens, Turks. It was easier to fight them off if they had to climb up." Greeks were Christians and fair game for Muslims to pillage, slaughter, and enslave, which they did for centuries. We had just come from the village of my wife's grandfather in the Pelopponesus, which had been occupied by Muslim Turks until the mid-1800s.
Plunder, kill, and enslave is exactly what Muslims did for 1300 years until the Turks were defeated in World War I. All that has resumed, however, over the last forty years - but American and European leaders seem to have forgotten this history if they ever learned it. Leftists like former President Obama refer to the Crusades as an excuse for today's Radical Muslim terrorism, but Muslims initiated 548 offensive battles against Christians in Asia, Africa, and Europe over 1300 years, while Christians initiated only 13 battles over 160 years against Muslims during the Crusades. Most Europeans and Americans are ignorant of this, but the Greeks aren't. It's still fresh in their memory.
Today it is the "refugees" acting as the pirates of old engaging in mass murders of non-combatants.  Their mass murders for Allah attacks have plagued the West just as their ancestors engaged in pirate attacks taking Europeans and turning them into galley slaves on their ships where they were chained to their oars until they died and were thrown overboard.


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