The Saudis are investing in industry in the US that is creating jobs--How did media fact checkers miss it?

NY Times:

Did Trump’s Trip Abroad Add Thousands of Jobs? Maybe in Saudi Arabia

Mr. Trump claimed deals struck on his foreign trip added “hundreds of thousands” of jobs in the United States, with little evidence.
This looks like another one of those fact checks based on the ideology of the "fact checkers" instead of actual facts.  The fact is that the Saudis are investing in Texas industry right now.  They are teeming with Exxon-Mobil to build one of the largest plastic plants in the world to take advantage of cheap shale gas used in the petrochemical process.

The construction alone will create thousands of jobs and the permanent jobs for this one plant will be in the hundreds.  They are also buying refineries in Texas.  The deal struck with Trump in Saudi Arabia will also create and sustain jobs in the defense industry with the purchase of billions of dollars in new weapons.

The deal also anticipated investments in industry in the US rust belt.

Ideological based fact checks harm the credibility of the media.  It is time for editors to take a closer look at fact checking the fact checkers.


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