The problem with Mueller's inquiry--There was no case to obstruct

NY Times:

Special Counsel Interview List Is Said to Point at Trump Inquiry

  • Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel for the Russia investigation, is said to have requested interviews with three high-ranking current and former intelligence officials.
  • It is the latest indication that he will investigate whether President Trump obstructed justice in the inquiry of election meddling.
I think Trump can make the case that the bogus charges of the Democrats suggesting collusion was becoming a threat to national security and there was good reason to ask those within the government to correct the record before the bogus case metastasized.  I also think the statements he made to Comey about Flynn make an extremely weak case for obstruction of justice which seems to be based mostly on Comey's "feelings" which are of no import to the case.

I think that Trump may also have a claim against Mueller and those on his staff who leaked this story.


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