Republicans outside of DC have little interest in Comey testimony

Washington will be riveted this week by the drama surrounding former FBI Director James Comey’s expected congressional testimony.

But Republicans elsewhere in the country say they couldn’t care less.

Interviews with GOP activists across the country, including around a dozen attendees at this weekend’s North Carolina Republican convention, reveal deep mistrust of Comey, who was investigating possible connections between Russia and the Trump campaign before the president fired him.

Comey, slated to appear before the Senate intelligence committee on Thursday, is also expected to respond to reports that Trump pressured him to give former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn a pass. Yet there is little Comey could say this week that would change how grassroots Republicans view the president.

“There’s nothing about Jim Comey that I trust,” said state Sen. Ron Rabin. “There’s nothing consistent about what he says.”

Asked whether Comey has any credibility, he offered a view shared by many Republican activists gathered at this airy waterfront convention center: “None. Zero.”
... others saw the swirling questions around Russia—including the Comey investigation and coming testimony—as pure partisanship driven by Democrats and the media to undermine the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s victory last November.

“The whole thing with Russia is nonsense,” says Jim Gannon, a GOP activist in North Carolina.

“They’re desperately trying to justify why Hillary Clinton lost other than saying Democratic policies aren’t acceptable to people,” said Gannon. “This whole thing is a pretty desperate attempt at partisan politics. ‘Wow, the Russians swung the election.’ What did they do, come and vote? No.”
I believe this is a bad faith effort by Democrats to explain away voter rejection of their bad policies and their bad candidate.  Comey has a well-earned reputation for being a drama queen and I expect he will live up to that reputation with his testimony.


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