Mueller added to his conflict of interests as special counsel by hiring partisan Democrats prosecutors

NY Times:

Mueller, Once Above the Fray, Is Now in the Thick of It

Mr. Mueller’s appointment as special counsel has thrown him into a political brawl, especially since his early hires include several prosecutors who have donated to Democrats.
How many Democrats have shown even a hint of fairness toward President Trump?  In fact, if they did they would probably be ostracized by other Democrats which makes it even harder to find anyone in the party who can act fairly in this investigation for allegedly obstructing a non-crime.

What we are witnessing is a Democrat sponsored coup attempt looking for a reason to overthrow a President and they slither from one justification to the next as their earlier causes are debunked by the facts.  They are using criminal leaks of information in hopes of pushing this coup.

That Mueller would be a party to such actions will discredit him as it has discredited the media which has acted as co-conspirators in this coup attempt.


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