Israel in face off with ISIS along its border with Egypt

Washington Free Beacon:
Israeli military forces are quietly conducting operations to counter the threat of Islamic State terrorists along the Sinai border area with Egypt, according to senior Israeli defense officials who described ISIS as the "most quickly advanced threat we've ever had."

ISIS terrorists have been locked in what Israeli military officials described as an "ongoing war" along Sinai Peninsula, as they attempt to wrench control of the key territory along Israel's southern border from Egyptian hands.

The daily battle, which has received little coverage in the Western media, has become a chief concern for Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) personnel operating along the Jewish state's southern border, eclipsing even Hamas terrorists in the region.

Officials estimate that there are anywhere from 1,000 to 2,000 "active members of ISIS" operating in the Sinai region, a sizable force in an area that is largely lawless and has been seen as a primary terrorism tension point for some time. ISIS orchestrates terror attacks nearly every day of the week along the border, Israeli military officials disclosed.

With the rise of ISIS—an extremely well-funded and inter-connected network of some of the globe's most vicious Islamic terrorists—the threat along the Sinai has significantly increased, becoming a primary focus for the IDF, which has been conducting intelligence gathering and military operations in a bid to prevent ISIS terrorists from crossing the Israeli border.

"ISIS is the most quickly advancing threat we've ever had," one IDF officer working in the region told the Washington Free Beacon. "The rate with which they advance in resources and both capabilities and civil military training far outweighs and outpaces" the threats posed by Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon.
This looks like a flanking movement by ISIS which has generally avoided engaging with Israel directly from its base in Syria.  It is another example of its strategy of going on the attack elsewhere while under attack in its base of operations in the caliphate.

The ISIS attacks in the Philippines is another example of this strategy.  Of course, Israel is a much more capable force to deal with and has a relatively close working relationship with the current Egyptian government which is engaging ISIS in its Libyan bases.


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