Democrat voter registration fraud in Indiana

Indianapolis Star:
A felon, a minor, a non-U.S. citizen and even a dead person were among those police say an Indiana voter registration group signed up in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

The group's canvassers also made up or forged information on scores of voter registrations, sometimes paying vagrants with cigarettes or pocket change to fill out the forms, police say.

Now, the group and many of its employees are facing felony charges, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry announced Friday.

The Indiana Voter Registration Project and 12 of its workers — including a manager — are accused of submitting falsified applications in Marion and St. Joseph counties.

The charges come after a 10-month state police investigation that included a raid of the group's nondescript, largely unfurnished offices on Meridian Street near Fall Creek.

The group submitted registrations for people who didn't exist or who later told detectives they never filled them out, according to 167 pages of charging documents and probable cause affidavits. Among those people were a felon, a non-U.S. citizen, a minor and a woman who lived in Florida.

In at least one case, detectives discovered a registration for a St. Joseph County man who had been dead for six years, the affidavit says. Two other deceased individuals also were discovered among the registrations the group submitted.
Democrats appear to be a recidivist organization with this kind of voter registration fraud.  In the past, they have added people to the rolls giving vacant lots as addresses or store fronts where people who run the stores have never heard of the alleged voter.   While a voter ID system would catch people who tried to vote for these fraudulent voter registrations, Democrats vehemently oppose measures that would detect people voting illegally.

This case sounds much like that involving ACORN roughly 10 years ago.  It was a Democrat-affiliated community organizing effort across several states that was uncovered by reporters going undercover and recording conversations of the organizers.


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