Opposition to selling Iran planes it can use for its terror network grows

Washington Free Beacon:
Congress Eyes Crackdown On Terror-Tied Iranian Airline Amid Deals with Boeing

Lawmakers urge public report on Iran's use of commercial planes to aid terrorists

The new legislation, which specifically targets Mahan Air, would require the Trump administration to provide Congress with a list of all airports where the commercial carrier has landed. This information will be used to boost security measures on all planes flying into the United States that may have docked at an airport used by Mahan Air.

The move is being viewed as just the first move by Congress against Mahan and other Iranian airline carriers, which are currently in the process of hammering down multi-billion dollar deals with Boeing and other major plane builders.
This is another major threat to US national security created by Obama's bad Iran deal.  When the moratorium expires on Iran's nuke program, these planes could be used to transport a bomb for a terror attack on the US.


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