Invitations to Asian leaders is probably about North Korea

NY Times:

Trump Asks Duterte to Visit; Aides Brace for the Backlash

The administration is preparing for an avalanche of criticism after President Trump embraced President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, who has led a deadly crackdown on drugs.
This invitation happened at about the same time Trump invited the leaders of Thailand and Singapore to the White House too.  It also coincides with the build-up in the region of US forces to deal with the nuclear threat coming from North Korean leaders.

As more naval forces from the US go to the region, the Philippines should be a strategic asset with its bases and ports.  Getting the government on board to help in that regard is an obvious move despite the distaste for Duterte's domestic policies.

As a guy who sanctions killing people, Duterte is not in the same league with Joesph Stalin who the US joined with in defeating Germany.


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