If Marine Le Pen loses will liberals blame it on sexism?

Mel Robbins, CNN
Hillary Clinton Lost Because of Sexism
Clinton lost because she was not a good candidate.  She was seen as dishonest and incompetent in the handling of classified material, which in fact she was.

It wasn't sexism that kept her from campaigning in the rust belt states where she lost the electoral college.  Neither was it Comey or the Russians who kept her from campaigning there.

But keep on believing it was because Americans are racists sexists and homophobes liberals and keep alienating the voters you need to win.

She lost because Democrats have been alienating the white working class voters for years and acting like they did not need them to win.  They just found out otherwise.  Democrat policies have killed working class jobs in their fight against "climate change."

Just another reminder of Democrat disdain for white men.  Just who is being sexist here?


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