'Horde' of weapons found in counter terrorism raid in London

Evening Standard:
Three men have been jailed after anti-terror police discovered a horde of guns in south London.

Brothers Abdullah Ali, 30, and Adam Ali, 21, from Norbury, and Roman Nikolajevs, 21, from Sutton, were tracked down by detectives following reports the trio had a live firearm.

Adam Ali had attempted to buy a gun from the dark web while his brother possessed a reactivated Llama pistol, Croydon Crown Court heard.

Nikajlevs then tested the gun for the brothers, the court was told.

Terror police raided the Ali’s home, in Ederline Avenue, and found the loaded 9mm pistol in Abdullah’s bedroom.

A Hungarian FEG 9mm pistol, pars of an AK47 assault rifle and 54 rounds of ammunition were also discovered.

Alongside the weapons haul, police found potassium nitrate and sulphur – used to make gunpowder – a bulletproof vest and books about making guns and ammunition, the court heard.
I am not sure possession of three weapons would be considered a "horde" in the US, although the AK-47 could be considered illegal if it had fully automatic functions.  I get the impression that UK police thought the Ali brothers were up to something.


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