Colbert is the face of liberal impotent rage in the face of Trump's lack of respect for them

Washington Post:
Stephen Colbert is not here to apologize to you

After the "Late Show" host made an oral-sex joke about President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, calls for his firing were swift. But Colbert has a history of responding to controversy with non-apologies and more jokes.
Colbert reminds me of a drunk who has run out of logical arguments for his position and resorts to profane and crude insults to demonstrate his anger instead of his intellect.  Liberals are not used to the kind of push back Trump uses when they attack, and make no mistake, Trump felt he was being unfairly attacked by the Face the Nation host.  Trump let loose with his own jibe, but it was not a profane rant like that of Colbert.

Impotent rage is not a good look for CBS, but if they are OK with it, I suspect they will lose more of their audience who are not OK with it.


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