A better way of dealing with preexisting conditions for health insurance

NY Times:

Extra Billions for Health Bill? Researchers Say It’s Still Not Enough

Adding $8 billion to a G.O.P. bill seems to fall short of ensuring that those with pre-existing conditions will still be able to get health insurance.
It is misleading to suggest that helping people with preexisting conditions is insurance.  It is, in fact, a form of welfare and the Obama way of handling it was to require people who were buying real insurance on the individual market subsidize the ones with it.  

For it to be insurance it would be better to make plans portable and across state lines, so that it was paid from a larger pool.  In other words, the insurance followed the person if they changed jobs.  It would also make it harder for people to wait until they got sick to buy the "insurance."  It is passing strange that Democrats oppose these measures.


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