US intelligence says there is no doubt that Syria attacked its own people with sarin gas

Washington Examiner:
A senior White House official confirmed on Tuesday that the Assad regime used sarin gas in a chemical attack against its own citizens this month.

"We've declassified a lot of intelligence so we can be very forthcoming with you about the amount that we know about this attack and why we think the Russia and Syria narratives are false," the official said.Physiological samples from victims of the attack were "very consistent with nerve agent and sarin exposure," the official said. "Victimology also shows that those people don't have other wounds that would be consistent with another attack."Secondary responders who helped rescue victims from affected areas and brought them to medical care "also had symptoms of sarin exposure," according to the White House.The official noted that Syria and Russia have a history of "trying to obfuscate the nature" of attacks like this.
"In terms of the Russian narrative … across the board, starting in 2013 and then since, we've seen both the Russians and the Syrians have a very clear campaign to try to obfuscate the nature of attacks, the attackers and what has happened in each particular incident.

"The cover-up is the disinformation that has happened since the day of the attack," the official added. "The absolute mass of data we have and all the different vehicles we've gotten it ... is just too massive for really any intelligence organization to fabricate in that period of time," the official said.
Sec. Mattis also confirmed the intelligence tying Syria to the sarin gas attack.
Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said Tuesday he has "no doubt the Syrian regime is responsible" for the chemical attack in the country.

"Last Tuesday, on the 4th of April, the Syrian regime attacked its own people using chemical weapons," Mattis said during a Pentagon briefing. "I have personally reviewed the intelligence and there is no doubt the Syrian regime is responsible for the decision to attack and for the attack itself."
This is a pretty blunt statement that shoots down the Russian and Syrian disinformation attempt.

Turkey also confirmed that sarin was used by doing blood and urine tests on victims.


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