Trump works to restore military morale after the Obama years

Washington Post:
Trump delights in watching the U.S. military display its strength

As the president looks for a coherent foreign policy, he has applauded the use of a massive bomb on Islamic State forces in Afghanistan and a missile attack on a Syrian air base.
This is typical of the media bias directed toward the use of force by Republican presidents.  What Trump is actually doing is demonstrating the kind of leadership that has been largely absent in the Obama years when the President and his group of young amateurs without military experience were dictating a failed policy through micromanagement.  You build morale by complimenting people when they do a good job and by unleashing the brass to let them plan effective strikes, Trump is doing that.

And the troops get it.  I saw one Tweet by a sergeant who lost his legs who was pleased to see the MOAB being used on ISIS forces in Afghanistan rather than sending in troops hobbled by restrictive rules of engagement based on liberal political correctness.  He thinks those rules were partially responsible for his horrific injury.


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