The biblically illiterate media

Sean Davis:

Washington Post Lies About Lawmaker’s Biblical Reference, Then Refuses To Quote A Single Word He Said

The Washington Post lied about a lawmaker's biblical reference, refused to quote what he actually said, then mocked Breitbart for shoddy journalism.

At no point did Arrington ever declare that the Bible requires that the unemployed shall not eat. Not once. At no point did Arrington ever say, “The Bible says the unemployed shall not eat.”

Rather, the Texas congressman noted to the witness at his hearing that in addition to commanding God’s people to leave a share of their harvest for the needy to pick up and eat as they moved through the fields, the Bible tells Christ’s disciples not to allow idleness to make them a burden on their fellow Christians. Paul’s letter to the church in Thessaloniki, after all, was not a directive to government officials in Rome, but an exhortation to his fellow followers of Christ in Greece.

You wouldn’t know any of that if you read the Washington Post’s dishonest mischaracterization of what Arrington said, because the Washington Post refused to tell you what Arrington actually said. Arrington didn’t declare that those without jobs are commanded by God to starve. He affirmed the requirement that God’s people provide for the poor and then noted an additional passage in which Paul tells his own brethren that they should work so as not to provide a poor example of idleness to those whom they were trying to bring to Christ.
There is much more.

It is sad to see how ignorant many liberals are when it comes to Christianity.  They seem to ignore the establishment clause of the constitution when it comes to saying it is unchristian to not support liberal policies while ignoring the true meaning of scriptures they are clueless about.


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