Questions for Susan Rice about the use of intel agencies to spy on political opposition

David Harsanyi:
Why did you lie to PBS about having no knowledge of the unmasking of Trump officials or family?
So, Ambassador Rice, did you request that the identities of Trump campaign officials, transition team members, or family members be unmasked?

Is it normal for high-level officials to request for names of political players to be unmasked in raw intelligence?

Is it really the "routine work" of top national security officials to proactively collect information on incoming officials of the opposition political party? Sounds like a bad idea. Is this something Rhodes endorses for Trump officials as well? Is it OK to share this information with chief White House strategist Steve Bannon?
...Which individual in government initially provided you with the raw intelligence reports containing the masked Trump team identities?

Which Trump team members did you specifically ask to be unmasked? And why did you ask for their identities to be unmasked?

In what way did unmasking these people have foreign intelligence value?

In what way was this done to protect the American people?

There is more.

I am not sure any answers she might give would be credible.  She has a history of making false and misleading statements.


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