ISIS attack on US and Brit special ops base fails

Islamic State jihadists launched a wave of suicide attacks on a British special forces training base in Syria, in one of the fiercest assaults on anti-Isil coalition forces there to date.

Fighters from Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (Isil) used a vehicle bomb to try to blow their way into the al-Tanf garrison, which has been used by SAS and US special forces to train moderate Syrian rebels.

The blast early Sunday morning was followed up with a ground attack by up to 30 Isil fighters and suicide bombers, but they were beaten back with coalition air strikes and help from Western troops.

During the fighting the Isil militants also ambushed a convoy of reinforcements from an allied rebel group, Osoud al Sharqiya, trying to relieve the base. Four rebels and eight Isil fighters were reportedly killed in the battle.

Tanf, near the Syria-Iraq-Jordan border, has been a heavily fortified training hub for American and British special forces to build Syrian rebel groups fighting the extremist jihadists.

US troops were understood to be on the outpost at the time. There was no confirmation British special forces were present, but rebel officials confirmed to the Telegraph that they used Tanf as a “mobile base”.

The Ministry of Defence said it would not comment on special forces operations.
There is more.

This looks like the typical ISIS attack scheme of using vehicle bombs and human bombs as clearing operations for surviving fighters.  It has not worked against trained fighters like special ops units and especially those who have access to supporting aircraft and other support units.


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