Iran should be worried about a US response to its mischief

Sean Morrisroe:
Just last year it was reported that Obama did not enforce the “Red Line” ultimatum because of his desire to execute a deal with the Iranians. Iran supposedly threatened that if the U.S. attacked its ally, it would not agree to a deal regarding its nuclear program. President Obama and his administration were so desperate to deal with the Iranians that they allowed the Syrians to remain unpunished even though the President of the United States made a threat in public about a certain action and did not follow through with it.

To save face, the Obama administration in late 2013 proposed an agreement with the Russians mandating the Syrians to declare and destroy any remaining stockpiles of chemical munitions by mid-2014. The Russians were responsible for the supervision of the disposal and destruction of all munitions.
Then Syrian government aircraft dropped chemical weapons on April 4, 2017. Another reoccurring lesson for the West is that making deals with corrupt, dictatorial powers without the threat of force behind it accomplishes nothing but bidding time for its enemies. Moreover, allowing the Russians, serial cheaters at disarmament agreements, supervise the execution of any agreement is not a wise choice.

While the U.S. has rightly stayed out of the fray except for attacking targets of opportunities against ISIS operating in Syria, this latest use of chemical weapons was meant as a direct challenge to the U.S.

President Trump stepped up to the challenge and has followed through on President Obama’s “Red Line” threat; decisively, quickly, secretly. . . all the hallmarks of a great military operation. There was no weaseling around. The time it took from the first reports of the chemical attacks to the U.S. missiles landing at Shayrat Airfield was just over 60 hours.
While China, Russia, and North Korea have been put on notice, the country that should worry the most in the short term is Iran.

What does this mean for Iran? President Trump said many times that the nuclear agreement that the Obama administration negotiated was flawed. So there is no surprise that he intends to do away with the agreement.

Iran has already broken a provision of the agreement that President Obama and Secretary Kerry brokered. Just days after President Trump was inaugurated, Iran launched a ballistic missile. Resolution 2231 “calls upon Iran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology." Additionally, Iran has been supplying the rebels in Yemen. The Yemeni rebels have used these supplies to fire on U.S. ships from Yemen. Iran also has harassed U.S. naval ships with speedboats in international waters. And in the most embarrassing event for the U.S., the Iranians captured U.S. sailors and showcased them on public TV. All this demonstrated to the world how feeble the U.S. was.

On February 3, 2017, President Trump tweeted, “Iran is playing with fire - they do not appreciate how "kind" President Obama was to them. Not me!” And now the Iranians know that Trump is serious after his strike Syria.
The Trump administration showed that if any strike occurs against Iran, it will likely be unexpected and will not entail weeks of diplomatic wrangling giving time for the Iranians to maneuver. We can be sure that President Trump has been briefed on strike options against Iran already.
Obama's desperation for a deal with Iran meant he was willing to overlook it and Syria's bad conduct.  This made for a bad deal for the US.  Iran is ruled by genocidal religious bigots who believe that lying to achieve their objectives is a good thing.  They may soon discover how wrong they are.


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