Gov. Abbott agrees with my idea for funding the border wall

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott suggested President Donald Trump and both houses of Congress use federal money withheld from defunded cities, counties and states with so-called “sanctuary” policies to help fund a border wall, during an interview Tuesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Abbott, who has withheld state funds from Travis County in Texas because of its sanctuary policies, urged the president to use federal criminal grants stripped away from localities adopting these policies to aid in securing the border.

“I defunded [Travis County] $1.5 million because they adopted sanctuary city policies. If the president were to apply this very same concept across the board to all cities, counties and states in the United States that are receiving grants from the executive branch, that are criminal-justice grants — if he were to cut off those grants to every sanctuary city, state [and] county … I think you would have over 20 billion dollars,” Abbott said.

“And that could go to fund the fence that would reduce all the sanctuary-city concerns that we have from people who are coming here illegally,” the Texas governor continued. “Threats only last so long. If you don’t back up your threats with action, the threats will evaporate. And so it’s time for action now, both by Congress and the president.”
He is right about this issue and it would be a good way to fund the wall.  It would also pay dividends to the US by saving money on benefit programs for those in the country illegally.  It would also save money for state and local jurisdictions that have to take care of the those here illegally and educate their children.

Abbot's position on sanctuary cities has broad political support with some polls showing 80 percent of voters oppose sanctuary cities.


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