Enforcing the law has a magical effect on illegal immigration

What Caused Illegal Immigration Of Women And Children To Fall By 93% This Year?

Even without a border wall or extra Border Patrol agents, illegal immigration has plummeted since Donald Trump’s inauguration. The change is not a little, it is a lot (see here | here for comparisons of now and under Obama).

As most of the focus has been on Trump’s rhetoric and Jeff Sessions and John Kelly energizing Justice and Homeland Security to do their freakin jobs, the Trump administration has scored a signal success with huge long term implications.

... Without a magnet of free education and welfare benefits and the near guarantee that you will be left alone, most would-be illegals are opting to stay home.
There is much more.

Enforcing the law is actually a deterrent.  That is an aspect of policy that has been missing for years and is the main reason that previous attempts at immigration reform have failed.


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