Democrats are losing because they are Democrats and hating Trump is not that big a factor

Sam Thomas:
You’re probably well aware of the Republican Party’s unfavorable view among voters, and the “GOP Civil War” that has been taking place since the 2016 primary season. The media has gone to great lengths to make sure you realize that not all Americans love Donald Trump. The talking heads really seem to think Republicans are in trouble, and Democrats are poised to capitalize. They’ve given millions in free coverage hyping a 29 year old carpetbagger in Georgia, trying to convince us that he will somehow pull off an upset in a race where the Democrat is polling even with the poor guy that Tom Price demolished in 2016.

Unfortunately for Democrats, numbers don’t lie. According to a poll released by Pew Research, a majority of Americans now view the Democratic Party unfavorably.

About half (51%) of Americans have an unfavorable view of the Democratic Party, while 45% have a favorable view. In January, slightly more had a favorable than unfavorable view (51% favorable to 45% unfavorable).

The drop after election day is largely due to Democrats that are upset with the party. Interestingly enough though, the drop has happened months after the election.
Many voters vote against Democrats more than they vote for a Republican and that dynamic has, so far, not change with the election of Trump.  Democrats seem to think that their visceral hatred fro trump is going to translate into victory for them.  The evidence so far does not support that conclusion.


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