British special ops launches airborne assault on ISIS, US Marines attacked across across the Euphrates

The SAS launched top-secret raids from an airbase in President Assad’s waitron country, close to the jihadi stronghold of Raqqa - the defacto capital of the terror group.

A huge hydroelectric dam has also been secured by SAS-led forces which had been threatened by terrorists.

Had they succeeded in blowing it up, thousands of civilians could have died.

The attack on Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi’s men is believed to be the very first airborne infantry operations against ISIS.

British Special Forces parachuted down in the dead of night deep behind enemy lines.

Silently descending on Raqqa from a C-130 Hercules military aircraft, the troops landed near the Tabqa dam and Tabqa air base.

After reconnaissance using night-vision goggles more troops dropped down with their terrorist target in sight.

Jihadists defending the northern perimeter of the three-mile dam were shot dead by SAS and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

A battle raged for hours until ISIS forces were all-but wiped out, on March 21.

ISIS cowards retreated to the southern end as coalition forces surged ahead, being joined by US Marines who had crossed the Euphrates river in Combat Rubber Raiding Craft.

While the majority of the dam is now secured, ISIS has clung onto control of the far southern end.
There is more.

The taking of the dam was to prevent ISIS from blowing it and flooding the area below killing thousands.  Before Trump unleashed the US efforts against ISIS the Brit special ops troops had been doing much of the heavy lifting behind enemy lines.


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