Those behind the plot to defeat Trump's election?

George Neumeyer:
How John Brennan and Some Brits Tried to Tip the Election to Hillary

Meanwhile, John Brennan and his circle of anti-Trump radicals were leaking to the British press. To the BBC’s Paul Wood, they leaked that Brennan was the instigator of Comey’s investigation into Trump. Brennan, according to Wood, had received a lead from an intelligence agency in a “Baltic country,” to the effect that the Kremlin was funneling money into the Trump campaign.

At the same time, Brennan was telling the press that he wanted to continue as CIA director under Hillary. Also vying for that job was former acting CIA director Mike Morrell, who wrote a staggeringly unprofessional Op-Ed in the New York Times slobbering over Hillary and endorsing her while calling Trump a pawn in the hands of Putin. (Naturally, the press never asked Brennan or anyone else at the CIA if they were recusing themselves from any investigation into Trump-Russia ties given their hyper-partisanship.)

What other British spies joined Brennan and Steele in their anti-Trump crusade? This is another question for Congress to address next week if it is serious about looking at the interference of foreign countries in our elections. Why is it that many of the leaked stories about an Obama administration investigation into Trump-Russia ties originated in the British press (BBC, the Guardian, anti-Trump British journalist and pol Louise Mensch)? Did the Obama administration outsource some of its spying on Trump to the Brits, who had access to the NSA database?
There is much more.

It appears that some British officials took a much more activist role in trying to manipulate the election in the US than the Russians did.  Fox news has reported that British intelligence was behind some of the leaks that cause Trump to claim he was "wiretapped."  They evidently had access to the NSA feed that was leaked to reporters hostile to Trump.


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