Failed projections are always based on invalid assumptions

Jeff Jacoby:
Why Are Climate-Change Models So Flawed?
What makes climate change models different from other flawed projections is the religious fervor with which those who are wed to the theory of global warming cling to their invalid assumptions.  They are like einstein's definition of insanity, they keep doing the same things over and over expecting their projected results will eventually be right.

They need to take another look at their theory and their belief that CO2 is the primary driver of their projections of warming.  If it were their projections might not be so consistently wrong.

When financial analysts project profit and losses they can easily look back and see which of their assumptions was invalid.  It can be sales volume or some other factor which they can easily see.  Why can't people who claim to be scientists see the same problems with their climate change models?   They should recalculate based on the results and lower their assumption for the effects of CO2.


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