Dems dim memory of the harm caused by Obamacare

Ian Tuttle:
Democrats’ Sudden Amnesia about Obamacare’s Many Ills

Hillary Clinton was conspicuously quiet about Obamacare in the final weeks of the election, and for good reason. One week before Election Day, the law’s fourth open-enrollment period began, accompanied by a wave of policy cancellations and rate hikes. After analyzing published prices from every state, the New York Times’ Upshot blog confirmed on November 4: “Average Obamacare insurance rates really are going up by 22 percent.”

A few months later, Democrats are heaping criticism on the American Health Care Act, House Republicans’ proposal to significantly tweak the Affordable Care Act, and they are suddenly much more bullish about President Obama’s 2010 legislation.
When it comes to politics Democrats lack consistency beyond just opposing change to their failed policies.


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