Why the sources for attacks on Trump choose to remain anonymous

Steve Berman:
The Media Is Striking Out On Trump Anonymous Sources

Have you noticed that the reports of White House intrigue, chaos, and conflict are all coming from “anonymous sources” somewhere inside the administration, or “people who know the president?”

David French, the Harvard-trained lawyer and Iraq war veteran at National Review, called for these sources to come out of the shadows.

Given the gravity of the accusations, your continued anonymity tells me nothing good. The “career civil servants” among you may be little more than partisan bureaucrats, using hyperbole to fool gullible reporters. The aides and appointees may be mainly jockeying for advantage, hoping to humiliate opponents to gain their own seat at the table. Or, if you’re right, and this president truly is dangerous, your anonymity raises concerns about your courage. Men and women have died for this nation, and you’re not willing to risk your GS rating to save it from incompetence or authoritarianism?

The continued source identity shielding leads one to just a few possibilities. Either these are partisans who have reporters’ ears and lots of rumors to spin, or they are spineless cowards looking to featherbed themselves without commitment to the charges they spout.
I suspect they want to continue to be a mole that can troll the Trump administration and attack it from within.  If their identity was revealed they might be cut out of the loop of information gathering for the Democrat opposition.


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