Texans pushing back against the anti-energy left

Fuel Fix:
North Texans for Natural Gas is expanding its focus statewide, and changing its name to Texans for Natural Gas.

The advocacy group fights activists protesting oil and gas development in Texas. It started in Dallas and has added 220,000 members, including “significant membership” in the Permian Basin, South Texas and along the Gulf Coast, the group said on Wednesday.

“The goal from the very beginning was to give a voice to those who support energy development,” Steve Everley, spokesman for Texans for Natural Gas, said in a statement. “We’ve been amazed at how quickly people from the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford region have not only discovered our campaign, but joined and actively participated in our advocacy efforts.”
They are currently fighting back against the anti-pipeline hysteria.   Energy is still an important aspect of Texas's successful economic development.  The anti-energy left's goals would not only harm the economy it would harm US national security and be a gift to OPEC and the Russian oil oligarchs.


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