School punishes student for showing teacher's attempt to indoctrinate students with Trump hatred

Washington Post:
A professor called Trump’s win ‘terrorism.’ The student who filmed her got suspended.

Orange Coast College freshman Caleb O'Neil also must apologize and submit a double-spaced essay about “why you decided to share the video.” O’Neil has appealed and said he'll sue if the penalty isn't overturned.
The college gets this situation exactly backward.  The teacher has no business trying to push her anti-Trump bigotry on her captive students.  It tells you something about the abuse of conservatives on campus and is one of the reasons why education in this country is in decline.  The teacher is the one who should have been disciplined.  She is welcome to her bias outside of class, but in class, she has a responsibility to stick with the lesson plan and not try to indoctrinate students in the evils of liberalism.


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