Radical Islam's war against the US has decreased respect for Islam in general

Washington Post:
A group that thinks jihadists will destroy the U.S. says it has a ‘direct line’ to the president

ACT, based in Virginia, has pushed to promote a nation free of all Islamic influence and says it now has the ability to affect the direction of the country. Trump advisers — including chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former national security adviser Michael Flynn — have supported the group or its views.
I suspect that their belief is that radical Islam wants to destroy the US.  If so, there is a sound reason for this belief, because they have stated it as their objective as has Iran.  As the war against the US has dragged on, people have less respect for those in the Muslim community who are not condemning the mass murder attacks against everyone who disagrees with the weird beliefs of the radicals.

Those whose goal it is to put the US under Sharia Law should not be welcomed here.  That should be a fundamental question in any vetting process.  It is not helpful to the Muslim community when some within it perpetrate phony hate crimes in order to get sympathy.  I have not heard much from Muslim leaders condemning these phony crimes.  What are they waiting for?

There are some reform Muslims who are trying to change this situation, but right now they appear to be in a minority.  As for the others who have not tried to deal with this problem my empathy reservoir is drying up.


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