Phony Vietnam vet senator leaks conversation with Gorsuch

Washington Post:
Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch calls Trump’s attacks on judges ‘demoralizing’

Neil Gorsuch’s comments to a Democratic senator came as the president continued his days-long crusade against the judicial branch after a Seattle judge halted his controversial executive order barring immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.
Gorsuch may not like the attacks, but the courts invited it with their illogical attacks on his executive order.  The law is clear that he has the authority to issue those orders and the fact that a few judges do not like his order is irrelevant.  They are wrong and they harm the courts with their refusal to follow the clear statutory authority granted the President.

Democrat Senator Blumenthal from Connecticut once claimed to be a Vietnam vet while running for office, but it turned out he never left the US during the war.  He is a stolen valor Democrat who is trying to undermine the President's policy and using a court nominee for that purpose.


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