Obama's incremental plan to take Raqqa deemed inadequate

Washington Post:
Obama’s team worked for months on a Syria plan. Trump’s team swiftly tossed it.

To the incoming Trump administration, President Obama’s plan to take Raqqa from ISIS was so incremental and risk-averse that it was almost certain to fail. “We found huge gaps in it,” said a senior Trump administration official. “It was poor staff work.”
This is not at all surprising.  Obama's screw up gave ISIL run to grow and his failure to aggressively attack them allowed them to engage in genocide against the Yazidi and the Christians.  Obama was worse than Lyndon Johnson when it came to restrictions on the use of force against the enemy.

It would not surprise me that Secretary of Defense Mattis took one look at the plan and knew it was inadequate.  I trust his judgment on this more than I would anyone in the Obama White House.


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