Obamacare is such a mess it is difficult to fix or replace

NY Times:

Republicans Have Few Answers on Health Care Plan

Representatives in Wisconsin, California, Utah and across the United States have faced constituents demanding to know what will replace the Affordable Care Act — and so far, they have little to say.
I have seen plans that would replace it with tax credits that gave people the ability to choose any plan they want and pay for it at least in part with the tax credit.  I think that could be workable if they can unravel the control freak process built into Obamacare.  

Whoever named this healthcare law the "Affordable Care Act" should probably be prosecuted for fraud.  It has made healthcare less affordable for those who actually have to pay for it, and only helps those who were given free healthcare by the government.

In effect, those in the private sector who pay for their own healthcare insurance have really gotten screwed by the Democrats.  Their policies cost more and deliver less.  It is one of the biggest cons in government history.


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