Mass hysteria strikes State Department

NY Times:

1,000 Workers in State Dept. Add Names to Dissent Letter

The cable, asserting that the president’s order on immigration will not make the nation safer, has wended through dozens of United States embassies and is still spreading.
Based on the performance of the state Department for the last eight years, it is time for some changes in personnel and getting rid of those unwilling to accept new policies would be a good start.

If their argument is that barring people from a few countries for a few months is going to turn Muslims into mass murderers, they must have a low regard for the intelligence and mental capacities of Muslims.

If also fails to recognize that their policies have not worked to reduce Islamic terrorism.  In fact, it has gotten much worse over the past eight years and has resulted in genocides against Christians and other minorities in the Middle East.  It is enough to make me question their intellect and self-awareness.


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