Fact checkers challenged on vote fraud claims

Washington Times:
A small research group has entered the debate on voter fraud, siding with academics who estimate that large numbers of noncitizens illegally register and vote in U.S. elections.

Just Facts, founded in New Jersey 20 years ago by a Brown-educated mechanical engineer, released its findings as President Trump was setting up a task force on voter fraud headed by Vice President Mike Pence.

“Contrary to the claims of certain major media outlets and fact checkers, a comprehensive analysis of polling data, election records and government investigations shows that many noncitizens vote illegally in U.S. elections,” Just Facts President James D. Agresti told The Washington Times.

Ever since two professors at Old Dominion University and one at George Mason University collaboratively released a 2014 study saying noncitizens vote illegally in U.S. elections, and they vote mostly for Democrats, the liberal media and academia have tried to crush the findings.

The arenas for this heated battle are dueling analytical papers, pitting professors at elite Northeastern universities against the three political scientists at George Mason and ODU, a public research college in Norfolk, Virginia.

It might have stayed that way — two groups of academics passionately debating statistics and demographics. But then Mr. Trump pulled a stunning election upset. Weeks into the job, he asserted that he would have won the popular vote as well as the Electoral College vote had it not been for millions of illegal voters.
The main reason there is so much controversy on the subject is that the Democrats have made it impossible to audit elections to determine how many illegals vote.  By opposing such common sense requirements like voter ID, it is possible for anyone to vote whether they are eligible or not and there is enough evidence of prosecutions to determine that it does happen.  All that is really missing is the scope of the vote fraud.

When a fact checker claims there is no evidence of vote fraud they are being disingenuous.  If they checked with District Attorneys and Attorney Generals around the country, they would learn that there have been prosecutions and convictions for vote fraud.  The problem is that Democrats oppose not only voter ID but a serious scrubbing of the dead and moved from the voting rolls.  This allows people to vote for the dead in some jurisdictions.

Then there is Michigan where the votes in several precincts could not be recounted because more people voted than were checked in to vote.  This suggests ballot box stuffing by precinct workers and it happened mainly in Democrat controlled precincts.


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