Al Qaeda has been at war with US for a couple of decades, says it will get serious since Yemen raid

Washington Post:
Al-Qaeda says Trump has ignited ‘the flame of jihad’ with Yemen raid

Analysts have expressed fears that Trump’s policies could help extremist propaganda.
Can you name a time during the period al Qaeda has been at war with the US when they have ever acted with moderation?  They have had a stream of extremist propaganda whatever is done to resist their Islamic religious bigotry.  Remember how Gitmo was blamed for terrorism, but it actually increased after Obama started releasing people.  It is worse now than ever after eight years of being nice to the religious bigots.

If they do decide to act out, they are likely to make a mistake that will present an opportunity to the US and its allies.  They may give away their location or their plans.  Hopefully, the intel the US got from the raid will lead to other attacks on the group and its leadership until they are exterminated.


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