'World Leaders' don't comprehend that the Palestinians don't want a State of Israel to exist

NY Times:

World Leaders Push Israel and Trump to Forge a 2-State Deal

Though peace efforts between Israel and the Palestinians seem doomed, world leaders gathered in Paris for a peace conference and signaled that they still longed for a two-state solution.
The Palestinians have done nothing but show bad faith since the "two-state solution" process began.  They have routinely turned down offers that were much more generous than they deserve.  Lately, they have shown their bad faith by setting preconditions that are deal killers, to begin with.

Even if they did agree to a deal they would not be able to live up to the "peace" bargain.  They reward terrorist who engaged in mass murder and several factions insist on a one state solution with no Israelis.

As Europe is getting the same kind of terror attacks, it belies common sense for the Europeans to be pushing Israel to accept a terror state.  The problem is a combination of Muslim real estate worship and a religious bigotry that cannot accept people who reject Islam.  They have never forgiven the Jews for rejecting Islam.


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