Things Russia and Turkey have in common--They are both phonies when it comes to fighting ISIL

NY Times:

Russia-Turkey Alliance Grows in Syria, as U.S. Relations Strain

  • Russian airstrikes to support Turkey’s offensive against the Islamic State in northern Syria indicate a budding partnership.
  • Those deepening ties could threaten to marginalize the United States, whose relationship with Turkey is strained, in shaping Syria’s future.
Russia's real purpose in its intervention in Syria was to prop up a despot they had a relationship with, and not to fight ISIL or al Qaeda.  Turkey's real purpose for intervening is to fight the Kurds who have been the most dependable ground force against ISIL in Syria.  Neither have much credibility in fighting the Islamic religious bigots of ISIL.

They both have been exploiting Obama's screw ups and weakness.


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