The Brownshirt's of liberal fascism broke the windows of companies who supported Trump's opponents

Washington Post:
At inauguration, peace and violence reflect a divided nation

The presidential swearing-in drew thousands of fans and protesters to the District. While calm prevailed near the inaugural ceremonies, anarchists marched through the city’s streets, smashing glass and lighting fires in violent clashes.
This looks like the faux grassroots efforts of the same gang that did the Occupy Wall Street protests.  It will be interesting to see if the media explores whether this was paid for by people with a history of anti-American activities.

Police did a good job of containing their attempts to disrupt the inauguration.

The media made too much of the difference in the crowd between Obama's inauguration and Trump's.  Washington DC is basically Obama's base, filled with government employees and liberal Democrats that does not really reflect the makeup of the rest of the country.  If the event took place in an area that supported Trump the crowd would have been much bigger.

Elsewhere the Post notes that Trump was like a "corporate raider" doing a hostile takeover of DC.  In this case, though, Trump won an election by getting the votes of people outside of DC who were unhappy with the way the Washington elites have been running things.  It was more like a shareholder revolt where there was dissatisfaction with the old management.


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