So far, Russia has been a phony in the fight against ISIL

NY Times:

Flynn Sees Russia as Ally Against Islamists

The pro-Moscow tilt of Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Mr. Trump’s national security pick, stands in opposition to the intelligence agencies he will help oversee.
It should not take too long to find out if Moscow will be serious in the fight with radical Islam. To date, they have mostly engaged in the same kind of pinprick bombing runs that Obama used in the early stages of the war with ISIL. It was a demonstration of his own lack of seriousness.

While Russia said it was going into Syria to fight ISIL that appears to have been a cover story for its real goal of propping up the local despot it saw as an ally. In that regard, they are similar to our supposed ally Turkey which used ISIL as an excuse to attack the Kurdish fighters who were actually taking on the Islamic religious bigots.

I suspect that Russia will disappoint Flynn and Trump as it also disappointed Obama. Putin has his objectives of restoring the glory of mother Russia and anything that conflicts with that will not be embraced. We should not forget that Russia has just allied itself with the Iranian Islamic religious bigots in its Syrian campaign. They have a ways to go to demonstrate that their interests are compatible with those of the US and the West.

Obama had his fantasies about Russia crushed and should have had his fantasies about Iran crushed. I suspect that Trump will be testing the Russians to see if they are serious about improving relations with the US.


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