Sec. of Education nominee thinks sexual assaults should be handled by criminal justice system

One on the grotesque lies foisted upon the public by Barack Obama’s Department of Education is that there is an “epidemic” of sexual assault on campus. These numbers are bogus and made up out of whole cloth. Obama’s Education Department has not only embraced the statistics, it has required virtually every college and university in the nation to also embrace them.

Under this pretext they have required educational institutions to constitute what can only be described as Kafka-esque Star Chamber proceedings where the accused isn’t allowed representation, or access to the allegation, or allowed to confront their accuser and they can be adjudged guilty of sexual assault and expelled on virtually non-existent evidence.

Sexual assault is a serious matter and a felony. It shouldn’t be in the hands of the nitwits in the educational bureaucracy who must find and prosecute sexual assaults in order to justify their existences.

The manhating SJWs behind this travesty have now taken aim and Betsy DeVos because she apparently does not believe that the Constitution is voided when you matriculate.
I agree with DeVos.  I think the Title IX warriors are acting unconstitutionally by denying due process to the accused and the alleged victim.   This is another reason to support her nomination.


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