Sanctuary colleges could be looking for private funding

Washington Examiner:
Republicans have spent the last few years fighting sanctuary cities that promise to protect illegal immigrants from federal law enforcement, an issue that President-elect Trump has already promised to tackle once he takes office.

But the GOP is already looking ahead to the next battle: How to crack down on sanctuary colleges.

Sanctuary colleges are institutions that are taking similar steps to either protect illegal immigrants while they are enrolled and taking classes, or send a clear message to immigration enforcement officers that they aren't wanted on campus.

Just this year, students at California State University San Marcos protested when U.S. Border Patrol officers were on campus. In an effort to "reassure" students, the school agreed that it would not allow any officials charged with enforcing federal immigration law onto the school's property.
A bill to stop funding for these schools could probably pass and Trump would likely sign it.  It is not like the GOP would be risking losing votes from these liberal bastions.


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