Not getting Trump's NATO policy

NY Times Editorial:

Russia Gains When Donald Trump Trashes NATO

And Europe loses.
Europe and NATO will both gain if the European countries start contributing their fair share to their own defense.  Many of the countries in Europe are nowhere close to meeting their obligations to the alliance.  In fact, the small Baltic states are doing much better in that regard than France or Germany.

What the Times editorial board cannot seem to grasp about Trump is that many of the statements he makes that so upset them are just the opening bid in a negotiation to try to move people to where they should be to begin with.

If the Europeans want US protection they should at least do what they are obligated to do by NATO.  Europe is not longer the nearly bankrupt shell many of the countries were when NATO was formed.  Some of those countries are wasting money on vote-buying schemes while free riding on the US coattails.

Pushing to do what they should be doing is a form of leadership.  Europe will not lose if it strengthens its military.


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