Media still overrating Wikileaks effect on election

NY Times:

Assange’s 10-Year Vision of Toppling Power Is a Reality

In a 2006 essay, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, outlined the politically disruptive potential of technology. Hillary Clinton’s loss might be a realization of his vision.
I don't doubt Assange's ambitions, but I do doubt his effect on the election.  Clinton was a terrible candidate who wound and should have lost without the disclosures about the corruption of the Democrat party as exposed by the email hack.

She was an incompetent Secretary of state who endangered the national security by her mishandling of classified material.  I find it ironic that the same media that worries about the revelations of DNC and Podesta emails seems to have no concern bout the emails on her unsecured server.  Most mere mortals would have been indicted for conduct similar to hers.

Polling shows that the real turning point in the race was her attack on Trump supporters as "deplorables."  I suspect the media likes to ignore this is they probably agree with her on that point.  Their contempt for Americans who disagree with them is hard to ignore.

The same media that loved leaks that politically damaged the Bush administration now is concerned when their favored candidate loses.  That would be the same media that published Trump's illegally obtained tax return.  When it comes to leaks, they are not that different from Wikileaks.


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