Media pushing false narrative of hate crimes following Trump election flummoxed by Chicago event

Washington Free Beacon:
Hate in the Time of Trump

Media trips over itself to make hate-crime narratives converge
The story chronicles the Washington Post's narrative of hate crimes allegedly committed by Trump supporters.  In almost every case they have turned out to be hoaxes or dropped for lack of evidence, but the paper seems really upset over how the Chicago hate crime against a white disabled person by four blacks has upset their narrative.

“If you believe discrimination against white people is rampant, that Donald Trump supporters face persecution, that Chicago is a war zone, and the media is dishonest, then your entire worldview is likely to be confirmed by one awful story,” the story’s first paragraph says.

Disrupting ideological narratives appears to be a newfound cause for the Post. The paper has made hate crime stories an important piece of their coverage since Donald Trump’s electoral victory. In the two months since election day, the paper has published 196 news stories, analyses, and editorials mentioning Trump and hate crimes, an average of 3.2 pieces a day, according to Lexis Nexis archives.
Actually, the Chicago episode is not the only one where Trump supporters have been the subject of abuse and attacks.

And, some in the media are so set in their narrative that they flipped the races and portrayed a black as a victim of the crime in Chicago.


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