Hacking story fails to dent enthusiasm of Trump supporters

NY Times:

‘What’s the Big Deal?’ Trump Voters Ask of Hacking

Interviews with supporters of Mr. Trump in two states found opinions about the report that ranged from general indifference to outright derision.
You see a lot of the derision of the story on social media.  I think that comes from the attempt by some in the media to claim that the election was hacked when only the DNC and John Podesta were evidently hacked because of their own sloppiness.   I suspect that the Russian's real objective was to weaken Clinton as President since the hacking started when Trump was way underwater in the polls.

The media compounded their problem by attempting to delegitimize Trump's victory.  The CIA's suggestion that the Russia Today network may have influenced the election was laughable.  That network is not even available in rural areas where Trump has his strongest showing.  Neither of the dish carriers make it available, and it is unlikely it would have been watched if it were available.

As much as Trump may have wanted to bring the corruption disclosed by the leaks to voters attention, it apparently made little impression on voters who were just angry with Democrats and the crap they have been pushing for the last eight years.  The media to this day still largely ignores the corruption of process by Democrats that was exposed by the leaks.


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